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Although the two are closely related, the EEA and the EU are not the same. The EEA Agreement concerns the internal market and relevant laws, while the EU is both economic and political. All the rules that EEA countries must comply with are set by the EU, which means that EEA/EFTA countries have no say in the formation of the laws they have to implement. EEA countries must also make financial contributions to the EU, even if they are less than the contributions of an EU Member. 3. The Parties shall make every right of their power to reach agreement on matters relating to this Agreement. – business-to-business category agreements or agreements, ** In 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU and effectively the EEA agreement, a process informally known as Brexit and a two-year period to negotiate the terms of this withdrawal was triggered. However, Brexit has still not taken place until September 2019. Currently, a deadline of 31 October 2019 is set for the UK`s withdrawal from the EU, with or without a negotiated agreement.

the word `sensitive` in Article 56(3) of the Agreement has the importance of the Commission communication of 3 September 1986 on small agreements not covered by Article 85(1) of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (OJ L 347, 31.12.1986, p. 1). No.C 231, 12.9.1986, p. 2). Schengen is not part of the EEA Agreement. However, the four EFTA States participate in Schengen and Dublin through bilateral agreements. They shall apply all the relevant provisions of the acquis. Yes, the EFTA Agreement does not oblige the EFTA States to conclude preferential trade agreements as a group. They retain the full right to conclude bilateral agreements with third countries. Notwithstanding the fact that these agreements have been established in separate legal instruments, they form part of the overall balance of the results of the negotiations and constitute essential elements for the approval of the EEA Agreement. However, when the EEA was created in 1994, several developments hampered its credibility.