Difference Between Collaboration Agreement And Joint Venture

There is no law or law dealing with joint ventures. Instead, depending on the structure of the chosen joint venture, a combination of these laws will govern the agreement: bit.ly/1d5RqbR Another feature of a joint venture that cannot be ignored is management. In some cases, it may be necessary for the company to appoint a management body to manage the company. In any event, the management body must represent the participants concerned. Executives can be consulted from all sides in a certain percentage. Some companies will find it necessary to appoint an independent management body that is not composed of one of their employees. Of course, they have to agree on which ones they have to apply for, because they have to pay for the services of the body. Creating a joint venture with a participant from a foreign platform has always had some advantages. It helps the local to win an international market and increase the prospects of attracting newer and more numerous customers. The strategy here is the creation of business networks. Have you considered working together or creating a joint venture? Would you like to share your experience and/or expertise? Click below to participate in our event “Marketing for SMEs”: 31 March 2015 EVENT What is “appropriate” depends on the facts and circumstances of the Joint Undertaking`s activities.

As a general rule, a clause preventing a party from carrying on a competing activity for a period of five years after the termination of the joint venture would normally be considered inappropriate and therefore unenforceable. However, a clause preventing competing activities for two years after the cessation of activity is considered more appropriate and therefore applicable. The other more informal approach that a joint venture can take as cooperation is partnership. Some may choose to register the business as such, while others simply follow the approach, but don`t actually register it. Some legal systems will require the registration of joint ventures, no matter how short the duration of the business. It goes without saying that this is done for legal purposes in the event of future disagreement and for tax purposes. Registration as a partnership applies to the legal rules on partnership. .

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