State Bar Of California Sample Contingency Fee Agreement

13 Form No. 1 Model Written Fee Agreement Litigation Hour by Hour CRANE, GARCIA – MOORE 441 Bauchet Street Los Angeles, CA (213) (Date) ATTORNEY-CLIENT FEE AGREEMENT CRANE, GARCIA MOORE (lawyer) and STELLA KING (client) agree that the lawyer will provide legal services to the client under the following terms. 1. CONDITIONS. This agreement will not enter into force and the lawyer will not be required to provide legal services until the client makes a signed copy of the agreement and makes the first down payment required by scope OF SERVICES. The client instructs the lawyer to provide legal services in the following case: [Describe the case]. The lawyer will provide these legal services that are reasonably necessary to represent the client. The lawyer will take appropriate steps to inform the client of the progress made and respond to the client`s requests. When an action is filed, the Client lawyer is represented by court proceedings and post-trial motions. This agreement does not apply to representation on appeal or in post-sentence enforcement proceedings. These services must be subject to separate agreements. Services for all issues not described above require a separate written agreement.

3. CUSTOMERS S DUTIES. The client undertakes to be truthful with a lawyer, to cooperate, to keep the lawyer informed of any information or developments that may be brought to the client`s attention, to comply with this agreement, to pay the lawyer`s bills in a timely manner and to inform the client`s address, telephone number and location of the client. The client will assist the lawyer in providing the necessary information and documents and will appear in court if necessary. 4. DEPOSIT. The client agrees to provide the lawyer with an initial deposit of . The hourly fee is charged with the deposit.

The initial filing, This book template for the written royalty agreement is intended to meet the essential requirements of business – Professions Code Section 6148, but must not take into account the various contractual obligations that can be met in this case. The State Bar makes no explicit or implied statement of the use of these forms. 13 These grounds, as well as the protection afforded by a handwriting in the event of litigation, as well as compliance with ethical requirements, require written agreement. The requirement for a written representation agreement is not limited to litigation, but also applies to transaction issues. Paragraphs 6147 and 6148 of the Business and Professions Code and the provisions of the California Rules of Professional Conduct not only require written undertaking agreements, but also dictate their content. 8 8. Discharge and resignation (para. 9) This clause is declarative for current legislation and rules of professional conduct. 9.

Disclaimer (paragraph 10) This is an optional clause. 10. Construction Clauses (Pars) These are optional clauses contained in many formal agreements. B. FORM No. 2: HOURLY NON-LITIGATION With the exceptions and additions mentioned below, the comments on the Hourly Litigation form also apply to the hourly non-contentious form. 1. Scope and obligations (paragraph 2) An exclusion for litigation has been added. 2.

The client`s obligations (paragraph 3) references to the criminal record are deleted. 3. The down payment (para. 4) Referrals to court hearings and arbitrators and related taxes are removed. 4. Costs and expenses (paragraph 6) The reference to process costs is removed. 5. Link The right of counsel to pledge has been removed because it may be inappropriate in a non-trial-oriented context. C. FORM No. 3: CONTINGENCY FEE With the exceptions and additions mentioned below, the comments on the 1-hour law form also apply to the conditions of the emergency form (paragraph 1) and to the entry into force (para.

19) 8 As former chair of the Mandatory Pricing Procedures Committee of the Prosecutor`s Office, Rae Lamothe helped revise the Standard Agreements. This was the first major revision of the forms since they were