What Is A Piecemeal Agreement

Then, after many controversies, questions and complaints, it was later discovered that fragmentary opinions could no longer function in accordance with these forms of statements, making them fundamentally useless. The reason for this was that all parts of the financial statements are interconnected, making it difficult to determine which parts meet accounting standards and which do not. Free trade agreements are now concluded on an ad-by-a-spot basis rather than in toto, at the regional level rather than at the global level. [The Australian (2012)] If so, a piecemeal opinion would sometimes accompany a negative opinion or a disclaimer. The objective was to offset the negative opinion in order to demonstrate that certain parts of the financial statements were compliant. According to the former chief accountant of the SEC, Carman G. Blough, it might be possible to give a piecemeal opinion on the accuracy of certain items listed in a company`s balance sheet, but it would not be possible to give a piecemeal opinion on the balance sheet as a whole because the balance sheet is linked to other financial statements, such as the income statement. Piece by piece, (1) is an adjective made piece by piece. (2) an adverb that means gradually, and (3) a noun that designates something fragmentary or a way of doing something piecemeal. This applies in particular to the calculation of key financial figures. For example, if an investor wanted to calculate a company`s leverage ratio and the piecemeal view is that the shareholder share component of the quota could be confirmed as accurate, but the liability component could not, this makes calculating the ratio a futile business that does not bring clarity to the person analyzing it. The family of each victim would receive $10 million, but the money would only be handed over on an ad-by-a-spot basis as sanctions against Libya were lifted.

[BBC] The new television season is set to start on a ad-by-blow basis this fall due to the recent four-month writers` strike. [Williamson Daily News (1973)] When you say something is fragmentary, you mean that it was done or done in a series of steps, not all at the same time. .