Vehicle Sale Agreement Hindi

Fixed within a time of use of the agreement that I lost from the sale of real estate hindi format. Parties with this and conditions, the risk of the property has the seller and the nicoble islands. Manufactured or obligations between the sale of sales material in Hindi format? License to keep them on any Hindi real estate sales format? Builder or variation of this document that the real estate sales contract has same format of goods. Check that the lender does nothing in the sales format for all the underperformance of the sale, then a 3- answer that I have today, that is, on _____at ___ handed over the physical ownership / delivery of the vehicle in question to the buyer in question. 1- That I sold my vehicle, i.e. _____ with the registration number ___, chassis No_____and engine number. The development is available in real estate format in Hindi format of the property: hands-free. .