Telstra Business Services Agreement

Step 1: We help you choose the most appropriate system for your business by asking you the right questions All Telstra Internet Solutions and Telstra Wholesale Internet Customers (“Customers”), including customers who are downstream providers, are required to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy as part of its agreement with Telstra for Internet Access Services (whether under our Customer Terms, Customer Relationship Agreement or form of wholesale of the Agreement (“Customer Agreement”). For each service, you are a corporate customer if you are a company that has purchased your service primarily for commercial purposes and has had the opportunity to negotiate the terms of your contract with us, or has an annual expense of more than US$20,000 with us. Whatever the size and requirements of your business, Telstra Business Phone Systems can help reshape your business by providing simple communication packages that meet your needs. Access to a large number of telecom operators also means choice and greater flexibility to offer you services that best meet your needs. Buy directly, choose from our 12- or 24-month repayment options, or enter into a lease or lend-lease agreement with our preferred third-party lender Capital Finance and receive all your fees on a single Telstra invoice. (d) in a manner that may affect a customer`s service, Telstra`s network or Equipment, another person`s network or equipment, or Telstra`s provision of services to a customer or another person; You may not be tall, but you still want to make a big impression. The last thing you want is to appear to your customers as a small operation. To project a professional image, you`ll need all the standard features you need for the present, like call wait time and voicemail – as well as advanced features that can be enabled if your requirements change. Telstra will attempt to notify a customer before Telstra terminates or suspends that customer`s services if reasonably possible. However, any failure to notify a customer does not affect such termination or suspension. Call today (07) 3177 6890 to get a non-binding analysis of your needs and get the best – with Telstra Business phone installations! If you are a small business customer, these terms and conditions of sale apply to you. For each service, you are a small customer if you do not resell your service and: plans that are no longer available as new services.

The only circumstances in which the Telstra network may be used to send unwanted e-mails of a professional or professional nature (also known as “spam”) are when the unwanted e-mail is sent to persons with whom the sender has a pre-existing professional, professional or personal relationship or to persons who have previously declared their consent to receive e-mails from the sender from time to time. For example, by checking a box on the provider`s site. If these conditions are not met, the customer cannot send unwanted mass emails over the Telstra network. If these conditions are met, the customer must also provide on his website a logout function (and this function must be communicated to the recipients in the corresponding e-mails) allowing these recipients to opt for the publication of this mailing list. . . .